Making the love for agriculture eternal

Making the love for agriculture eternal

Julia Gabriela Pohl’s first steps were taken on a farm in Giruá, in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul. Life in the countryside translated into love and pride for her parents’ job and was made eternal by the pictures that celebrate the young woman’s 15th birthday.

The photos were taken in a soybean crop field on her parents’ farm, Ana Roberta Mucke Pohl and Gelson Sidinei Pohl. In addition to the sunset, one of the main elements of the scenario was the self-propelled sprayer Imperador 2000.

Imperador 2000 from Stara was chosen to show the family daily life, and to provide a special moment between Ana Roberta, Gelson, and their three children: Júlia, Arthur – eight years old and Lorenzo – six years old. For Ana Roberta, the choice for Imperador 2000 and the crop shows the love the family has for their roots. “There was no point in choosing a place that had no relation to our lives. Our life is life in the crop field,” she highlights.

It was Julia’s idea to take the photo shooting on the farm. “A classmate of mine took her photos in the crop field and I liked the idea. Since it had only been a short time since dad had bought the sprayer, I thought it was cool. The tribute made by the daughter shows the pride she feels in her parents’ job. “I feel happy living on the farm, it’s part of the childhood my parents had and the work they do on the farm,” says the teenager.

In agriculture, evolution is not only limited to the technology applied in agricultural machines. Life in the countryside has been changing recently. “There is no longer the thought that living in the countryside is bad. Life in the countryside leaves nothing to be desired. We live a peaceful life. We always encourage our children to continue our work,” Ana emphasizes. For Gelson, the future of agribusiness is related to evolution. “We will continue to invest in the farm and hope that the evolution will continue to happen. If the agribusiness stops, everything stops,” the farmer points out.

The simplicity of country life is connected with Stara’s history. “We have always had an excellent relationship with Stara and the dealership. Everyone has always treated us well. This simplicity makes all the difference, we feel valued,” says Gelson, who also owns the Cinderela and Victória planters and a Prima seeder.

Meet Imperador 2000.