Joy and emotion mark the Jubilee Dinner at Stara

Joy and emotion mark the Jubilee Dinner at Stara

An amazing party was prepared by Stara at the night of October 26th to receive the honored employees in another edition of Jubilee Dinner.

The 124 employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years with their families were welcomed at the company restaurant. During the ceremony, the honored employees received the gratitude from the board on their effort and dedication during their years of work at Stara. Everybody was full of joy and emotion during the honors.

A great moment that marked the night was when the guest of honor Luiz Kaizer was honored by his 35 years of Stara. Co-workers made an emotional honor with testimonies and stories that highlighted his history in the company. Luiz remembers, with emotion, of how it was when he started working: “In the beginning, we did not have much work, because we manufactured very few products. Today, with a lot of happiness, this has changed, because today Stara has a complete line and I am proud of being part of this growth”.

The CEO, Gilson Trennepohl, talked about the importance of the recognition of the employees: “Being able to share this super special moment of interaction and recognition is a great joy. Here at Stara we are building a history. Today we can show how important it is to have people working with us for so many years and building our history of constant evolution”.

The dinner and dance went into late at night with a lot of fun and joy, in a rhythm of celebration and gratitude.