“I’m proud to participate in the Stara evolution”

“I’m proud to participate in the Stara evolution”

Stara is constantly challenging its employees so they can find new opportunities. This is the case of Fabiano Weber, the material supervisor in the Santa Rosa unit. He has been working in the company for 14 years. He started in the headquarters, in Não Me-Toque, state of Rio Grande do Sul. He started in the Quality Control Department. Then, in 2013 he started working in Production Planning and Control.

In 2018, he was invited to work in the Production Planning and Control in the Santa Rosa unit. He accepted and moved there with his wife. Today, Fabiano’s job involves project management of the new unit in the city. “I had plenty of opportunities in the company. I learned a lot, and I’m proud to participate in the company evolution and what I’ve accomplished”, he says.

Fabiano says he started his career at Stara when he was 17 years old. “I started my professional life here. I accomplished personal and professional growth at Stara.  I’m grateful the company has provided me with all of it. I owe the company who I am and what I’ve accomplished.”

For Fabiano, following Stara’s growth is rewarding. “I’m proud I participated in all of it, see all the evolution and how much the company has grown and become its brand strong. If we stopped in time and not invested in people, tools and process improvements, the machines wouldn’t be so excellent”.

About the new factory in Santa Rosa, Fabiano points out that the expectation is big, as much for employees as for the community: “What we have planned has been accomplished so far. It is positive due to the people’s dedication to the project.”

Promoting positive changes in our employees’ lives is part of our evolution.