“I can grow personally and professionally at Stara”

“I can grow personally and professionally at Stara”

With more than 3,400 employees, dozens of people travel from cities in the region to work in our units in Não-Me-Toque/RS (headquarters), Carazinho/RS, and Santa Rosa/RS every day.

One of these employees is Mikael dos Santos Carvalho Araújo, who works as an assembler. He travels from Ibirapuitã/RS to Não Me Toque, which is 50km far.

He’s from Dom Pedro, the state of Maranhão. Three years ago, Mikael moved to the Rio Grande do Sul, with his uncle, to find better opportunities. He has been working at Stara since April 2021 and is enjoying the experience: “I am enjoying it. I had never worked in this area before.”

Three months after he started working at Stara, Mikael highlights that he has already learned a lot and is open to new opportunities in the company. “From now on, I can grow personally and professionally at Stara” “We have the opportunity to grow here” he points out.

Mikael says he was surprised by the size of the factory and number of employees: “I have never seen a factory like this, and now I am part of it. It is amazing. It’s awesome.”

Our employees’ motivation is the certainty that we are on the right track.