Employees participated of the Breakfast with the President

Employees participated of the Breakfast with the President

On June 3, happened another edition of the Breakfast with the President, where around 100 employees from Stara were invited for a special moment of fraternization with the company’s directors.

The guests were welcomed by the director-president of Stara, Gilson Trennepohl, the directors Lucas Arend, Fábio Bocasanta, Cristiano Buss and Cícero Ferreira, by the managers Jorge Schwaab, Cíntia Dal Vesco and Volmir Amann and Nicole Stapelbroek Trennepohl, representing the 4th generation of the family in the management of the company.

The employees enjoyed a delicious breakfast and received information about the company. “In this year we were obliged to look further inside of our company, rethink our processes and seek alternatives to produce more efficiently and with more quality. Even with the country’s difficulties, Stara is one of the few companies that showed new innovative products, such as the Imperador 3.0”, commented the director-president.

The manufacture director, Lucas Arend, affirmed that the Stara lives in a moment of processes revision, of modernization of its industrial park. Lucas was complemented by the director of research and development, Cristiano Buss, who talked about being prepared to produce more with more quality. Cícero Ferreira, director of the Stara Financeira (Stara Financial), presented the scenes of the agricultural machinery market and the interest rate, besides the perspectives for the market. The financial and administrative director, Fábio Bocasanta, spoke for the employees about the importance of the costs reduction and the improvement of the resources to bring better results for everybody.

To finish, Nicole spoke about the need of seeking knowledge and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented every day to learn more. She also spoke about the vision that the farmers have about Stara and the quality of its products.

The next edition of the Breakfast with the President will happen in early July, being a monthly activity aiming to approach the employees among themselves and the directors.