“A dream that is coming true”

“A dream that is coming true”

“A dream that is coming true.” This was the phrase chosen by the director of the Stara branch in the city of  Santa Rosa, Fábio Silva, to mark the start of construction work on the new unit in Santa Rosa/RS.

According to Fábio, the earthmoving, which began on 22 May on 17 hectares, should be completed within three months. The next stage of the work will be the construction of the administrative and manufacturing buildings. By July 2022 we will deliver some buildings for the transition and migration of processes that today are carried out at the headquarters and the branch in Santa Rosa,” emphasizes Fábio.

The new factory will create more than 400 direct jobs, besides indirect jobs such as suppliers. The Stara branch will also be a reference to attract other companies to the region. “Santa Rosa has always been a metal-mechanic pole; the new unit will provide prosperity for the city. We believe that the work will be an attraction for other companies to see the importance of the region”, highlights Fábio.

The community has been following the growth of the branch and the expectation to see the work finished is high. “Many people ask when the unit will be ready and what the job offers are. People are making positive comments and welcoming us. The community is anxious for the work to be completed as soon as possible,” says Fábio.

With an estimated investment of R$ 80 million, the new factory will be 23500 m², including administrative, industrial, and R&D (Research and Development) areas. According to Fábio, the unit will be independent and will have all the manufacturing processes, such as cutting, bending, welding, machining, painting, and shipping. In the new unit, 4 thousand units of agricultural carts, cultivators, Twister spreaders, Tornado and Bruttus drawn spreaders, agricultural front end loaders, soil levellers and subsoilers will be manufactured annually. As in the headquarters in the city of Não Me Toque and branch in the city of Carazinho, it will also be inserted the concept of Industry 4.0 with the modernization of all activities and automated machines, which will result in greater production efficiency.