Stara welcomes South African and Ukrainian visitors

Stara welcomes South African and Ukrainian visitors

The mix of different accents could be realized on last Tuesday (February 11th, 2020). The visitors are dealers from those two countries.

They had the chance to learn more about Stara’s history and the company headquarters installations in Não-Me-Toque, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil. The dealers also attended the Aquarius Project presentation. The project is focused on precision agriculture and counts on Stara’s support.

Visitors were also presented to some of Stara’s machinery portfolio, where they had the chance to see Imperador 3000 and 4000, Imperador 3.0 with the Ponte Verde system (it is a pneumatic spreader device assembled to the machine booms), Hércules 6.0, Hércules 10000, and Reboke Ninja.

– I’ve got surprised during this visit, I couldn’t imagine that Stara would have a really big sized factory and so well organized. I like the way Stara designs its products. The machines and implements are properly built. I am impressed – says Jan Jacobsz Randell, a farmer in South Africa.

Another visitor that likes Stara brand is the Ukrainian farmer, Roman Tonkogolos, which has already acquired an Imperador 4000. “We have checked the technical features and concluded that Stara’s machines offer more advantages than the competitors’. Those advantages are provided by some technologies such as the twin-row spraying system, 36-meter booms, 4000-liter tank, smart 4-wheel steering, and 2-meter ground clearance for corn and sunflower applications, which is very important for us. That is why we have chosen Stara brand”, highlights the farmer.

The foreigners also visited a farm in Carazinho city, to check some machines’ performance when working on the field.

They also joined a celebration dinner at Stara, where there were typical dances of our state, performed by the Center of Rio Grande do Sul traditions (CTG Galpão Amigo), from Não-Me-Toque.

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