Stara releases a line of rice seeders

Stara releases a line of rice seeders

June 29th was a milestone for Stara, because it was the release of the line of rice seeders of the company: Guapa and Guapa Supra. About 160 rice farmers from the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Tocantins, as well as from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay made the release extra special.

The event started with the history of the company and the visit to the manufacturing units of the branch in Carazinho and the headquarters in Não-Me-Toque. A machines show preceded the great moment of release of the seeders.

“For many years we have cultivated this dream. In every visit, every event, in each fair we would always hear several requests for us to develop a rice seeder! We knew that the rice farmers deserved something different. The rice farmers deserved a seeder thought and developed for their needs, which were able to perform great seeding in these challenging tillage. That is why we are very proud to present our line of rice seeders”, claimed Gilson Trennepohl, CEO of Stara, during the release.

Guapa is available on models 24 and 28 rows, with transportation system, excellent ground mirroring and spectacular plantability. With great articulation of the rows, 658 mm, it ensures ground mirroring even in extreme situations.

Guapa features active pressure, which provides the same pressure on the rows even when it is at the top of the levee.

However, Guapas Supras are available on versions with 44 and 60 rows with clearance of 17 cm. Guapa Supra is articulated and features two chassis modules. One of the great advantages of Guapa Supra is the adjustable central tank, where the farmer can choose whether to only sow or to sow with fertilizers, with simple and fast change.

The seeding rows have an articulation of 658 mm, with high ground mirroring capacity even in extreme situations on levees or contour lines. It features a 15,5” x 15” lagged double disc, in addition to an easy-to-change depth limiter coupled to the double disc hub. With great articulation, it provides excellent ground mirroring, besides having the best raw flow.

Guapa Supra features a transportation system and, with it, Guapa Supra is 3,35 m wide on the wheelset and 3,91 m high, facilitating the passage through roads or bridges.

Guapa Supra has instant adjustment of the seed and fertilizer rate. This is possible because it comes standard with Topper 5500, the complete control for Precision Farming, in addition to Telemetria Stara.

At night, the traditional musician Mano Lima performed to the guests, topping off the release of Guapas.