Stara presents the Absoluta 61 at Agrishow Fair

Stara presents the Absoluta 61 at Agrishow Fair

The efficient planting, from the first to the last row unit, is with the Stara Absoluta’s planters’ line, which now has a new ally: The Absolute 61. Launched at the Agrishow fair, the new planter is the only in the market with seven modules and pneumatic springs, bringing precision when planting.

The Absoluta’s are pneumatic planters, developed to provide agility and efficiency when planting where the fertilization occurs in a separate operation. The Absuluta 61 has the biggest seed hopper on the market, with a 6,100 kg capacity, which ensures more than 100 hectares work capacity.

The new Absoluta’s have the chassis divided into seven modules, with pneumatic springs and 18 degrees articulation. It allows better soil mirroring, which controls the seed’s depth to be the same on all row units even on uneven terrain. It also shows better straw cutting through the 22-inch discs.

Another distinguishing feature of the Absolute is the Row by Row Shutoff system, which automatically shuts down the row unit where a plated area has been detected. This system avoids planting overlap, mainly on edging areas, resulting in seeds savings and more productive.

In addition, the planters have the Syncro, the data transmission system via radio that allows communication synchronized between planters, providing convenience, operational agility, seeds savings and greater productivity.