Stara presents novelties on Coopavel Rural Show

Stara presents novelties on Coopavel Rural Show

The Coopavel Rural Show, held in Cascavel – Paraná, is one of the leading Brazilian agricultural fairs and takes place from February 4 to 8. Stara has prepared two significant releases: The new Imperador Sprayer Lines, and the Guapa supra planter for wheat.

The best spraying efficiency is what the growers found on the new self-propelled sprayers, available on 3000 and 4000 models. The new line stands out for the excellent application precision guaranteed by the central booms, added to technologies such as Continuous Recirculating System, Individual Nozzle Control, Double Line System and smart 4-Wheel Steering, ensuring more accurate and economic spraying.
In June 2018 Stara presented to the market the Guapa line, seeders for rice cultivation. Now Stara presents Guapa Supra Wheat, suitable for winter crops such as wheat, barley, and oats.

The Guapa Supras are available on 44 and 60-row units, with 17-centimeter spacing. The Guapa Supra is articulated and has two chassis modules. The plater was developed to bring the best winter crops planting efficiency.
In addition to the launches, Stara presents its complete line of agricultural machinery, from planting to harvesting with its own technology.

The visitors have personalized service, through Stara dealers and resales network, and facilities such as Stara Consórcio (Stara pre-purchase financing pool ) and Stara Financeira (Stara Financial Institution).