Stara presents new features at Expointer 2018

Stara presents new features at Expointer 2018

Expointer is one of the most traditional agricultural fairs in Brazil, and it is in its 41st edition. At the fair, which goes from August 25th to September 2nd, Stara presents its releases in 2018: system Ponte Verde and Guapas.

System Ponte Verde is part of Imperador 3.0, the first and unique 3 in 1 self-propelled machine. This is right, Imperador 3.0 now features 3 essential functions for agriculture: spraying, spreading and seeding of lightweight seeds. High productivities start with an efficient cover crop. To make the cover crop more efficient, Imperador 3.0 brings a pneumatic system that provides the seeding of a mix of lightweight seeds through all the boom. This ensures the cover with better uniformity, using the same spraying trail, what reduces the operation time, the loss through compression and fuel consumption.

Another new feature is the line of rice seeders, made up of Guapa and Guapa Supra. Guapa is a medium-size seeder, available in models 24 and 28 rows, with excellent ground mirroring and spectacular plantability. With great articulation of the rows, 658 mm, it ensures ground mirroring even in extreme situations.

Guapas Supras are available in versions with 44 and 60 rows with clearance of 17 cm. Guapa Supra is articulated and features two chassis modules. Also, it has the greatest seed capacity in the market. The central seed tank has a capacity of 1.200 kg of seeds and 3.000 kg of fertilizer. With an exclusive seed dosage system, Guapa Supra provides highly efficient seeding, with a maximum variation of 5% (the variation is regarding the dosage in the rotor). Guapa and Guapa Supra have active pressure, that is, the pressure air springs are connected through the rows, which provides the same pressure on the rows even when it is at the top of the levees. The easy-to-change depth limiter is coupled to the double disc hub.

To better serve the visitors, Stara has the help of its dealer network, also present in the fair, with personalized service for each region of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.