Stara open its doors to welcome farmers

Stara open its doors to welcome farmers

On June 23, Stara open its doors once again to welcome its client friends. It were arounf 120 farmers, from Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul and Chile made part of a special day at Stara.

By the morning, the activities started with a visit to the branch office in Carazinho, where they could know about the processes performed there. After the visit, the guests were welcomed in the head office, where they had a presentation about the Stara’s history and visited the industrial park of the company, meeting the productivity processes of the agricultural machinery from Stara.

On the afternoon, the farmers participated of a machine demonstration where they could know more and better about the line of machines from Stara, featuring the releases of the 2016 line, as the planter Princesa and the self-propelled Hércules 6.0 and Imperador 3.0, the only machine that works as a spreader and a sprayer. Next, where presented the results from researches in precision farming performed in the projects in which Stara is partner.

The director-president from Stara, Gilson Trennepohl, commanded the activities of the night. With a message of appreciation of the agribusiness, Gilson motivated the guests and thanked the presence of everybody. “The farmers have the most important office, because they have a beautiful mission: of feeding the world. We also share this mission and that is why we get up everyday and work with devotion, to build agricultural machinery better each time more to the man of the land. We get very happy by opening our doors to each one that came here at Stara, living the comfort of their homes to share information and knowledge with us”, says Gilson.

Luis Urrutia, director from the reseller Decormaq, representative of Stara in Chile, pay a tribute to Stara during the event. “In the Stara we see passion in the eyes of the people that work. We are proud in taking along to our country a small amount of this passion with the agricultural machinery that we proudly represent in Chile”, says Urrutia.

After the dinner, the farmers had a moment of joy and relaxation by the songs of the Band Stara.