Stara launched new products in Agrishow 2022

Stara launched new products in Agrishow 2022

Stara is always developing machines and technologies to help the farmer. As usual, Stara launched new products in Agrishow, in the city of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. Guapita seeder and Bruttus 25000 spreader by gravity. In addition to the launching products, Stara presented the second Pre-Purchase Financing Pool for the Planting Lineup of the Stara Pre Purchase Financing Pool.


The seeder provides sowing uniformity for winter crops and is available in the 29 and 33 row units with 17 cm spacing. It features a central seed hopper with a capacity of 1,100 kg to ease the loading process. The transport height is 3.38 m, and the loading height is 2.67 m. The fertiliser hopper features a capacity of 65 kg/row unit and a meter system with two sections.

Guapita is equipped with new sowing row units with greater strokes to ensure better terrain copy. Besides featuring pantograph row units and helical springs. It is the only seeder in the market with a fully automatic folding and unfolding system without the need to leave the tractor cabin. It requires less than a minute to be ready for operations and to be transported.

Also, it is the only seeder in the market with a self-transport system. The equipment width becomes 3.2 m for transport. The tyres with high-pressure fluctuation reduce the soil compaction and provide more operation stability.

The new Stara seeder is available in two versions. The only one in the market controlled by a mobile device via Bluetooth that allows the instantaneous adjustment of the seed and fertiliser rates, unfold/fold control, and seed monitor.

The other version is controlled by Topper 5500, which instantaneously adjusts the seed and fertiliser rates, and variable rates of seeds and fertiliser, unfold/fold control, seed monitor, Conecta, auto steering, and Telemetria Stara.

Bruttus 25000

Bruttus 25000 spreader ensures great application uniformity and precision when applying substances for soil regulation and granulated fertilisers. Spreading by gravity minimizes the wind action and allows particles to be placed directly on the soil, and its use is optimized.

Bruttus 25000 is equipped with a hopper of up to 25,000 kg or 15.6 m³ capacity, which provides great operation autonomy. The tilting hopper features protective grille pieces that are hydraulically driven, which eases their cleaning process. Additionally, it adds side and front flanges, which prevent product waste during the loading process, and inner agitators prevent product build-up on the hopper walls.

It features an articulation of 24° – 12° upwards and 12° downwards. It keeps the application height at 1.37 m and the application width at 11.1 m. As a result, high yields and more speed ranges are provided by keeping the application quality. It is equipped with four wheelset systems with a rocker arm to ensure better terrain copying. The eight tyres with high-pressure fluctuation prevent the soil compaction.

Thanks to the articulated chassis of Bruttus 25000, the sections can be folded for transport, which becomes the spreader width of 3.18 m and ease travel on narrow roadways, bridges and across narrow gates. Additionally, the seeder is equipped with Topper 5500 VT and Telemetria Stara.