Stara highlighted in the SAP Fórum Brasil

Stara highlighted in the SAP Fórum Brasil

The event that gathers companies and executives for brainstorming new platforms, solutions and the success cases in Information Technology was held on March 15th and 16th in the city of São Paulo.

The Stara’s CEO, Gilson Trennepohl, was invited for participating in the panel “How different segments are generating value in the Digital Economy”, along with the president of Tim Brasil, Rodrigo Abreu, the president of SAP’s Cloud Industry, Pat Bakey, and Rodrigo Silvosa, Hydraulic Infrastructure of the Buenos Aires Government undersecretary.

During the panel, Gilson presented the trajectory of Stara innovation and the search for new technologies, stating that all of the technology embedded in machines are produced by Stara. With tradition in precision farming, Stara presented the panel ST MAX 180 tractor with Telemetria Stara and Internet of Things technology – IoT. The prototype is the first agricultural machine connected to a solution ERP from SAP, enabling to monitor of field operations in real time and a more efficient cost control.

The director of planning and development of Stara, Cristiano, Buss presented the success story of Stara. With the theme “Stara: revolutionizing technology management with SAP” he showed the company’s efforts to create solutions with regard to information management, for business scope and for the products that Stara sells.

In the talk show “Stara and SAP Labs America lead IoT for agribusiness with the power of SAP HANA platform,” Cristiano presented the project that unites the information of Telemetria Stara to the management system of the SAP information. This project, unique in the world, reinforces the growing need for platforms to assist in decision-making that agribusiness has. It brings accurate information to increase production, reduces waste and production costs, as this segment accounts for 30% of GDP.

The Stara’s prototype was exposed during the two days of the forum, drawing the attention of the participants and strengthening the commitment of Stara in making agriculture more competitive and lucrative.