Stara celebrates 56 years with costelão (cow ribs) at Expointer

Stara celebrates 56 years with costelão (cow ribs) at Expointer

August 29 was a day of festivity for Stara. On this date, the company celebrated its 56 years since its establishment, where its history was wrote along with the farmers, offering intelligent solutions in agricultural machinery with its own technology.

To celebrate this special day, Stara welcomed friends, suppliers and authorities for a costelão (cow ribs), served in the park of Expointer. The director-president from Stara, Gilson Trennepohl welcomed the guests. “Such an honor in celebrating the 56 years of activities of Stara along with our employees, friends, resellers and clients. Many years ago, somebody had a dream, from this dream a workshop was born and now, export machines to the entire globe. To the employees our gratitude by what you did to build the legacy of our company. To our friends and clients, may you keep together with us in the mission of feeding the world”, said Gilson.

The agriculture secretary, livestock and irrigation of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Ernani Polo, congratulates Stara by its anniversary. “It is an honor to see that the machines made by Stara fulfill the needs of the farmers around the world. Longe live to Stara, may the company keep on with dedication the path of the entrepreneurship and innovation always helping the farmers. Success to Stara!” said the secretary.

The agriculture minister, Blairo Maggi, visited the booth of Stara on the Sunday. Blairo, that also is a client from Stara, sent a massage to Staraby its 56 years. “Were 56 years of many work, research and entrepreneurship and now everybody, family, team, clients, harvest the fruit of this enterprise that Stara is, keep on making the difference in Brazil”, said the minister.

In the sequence for the celebrations, the guests participate of a delicious costelão (cow ribs) served in Stara’s booth in the fair.