Project that gathers Stara Telemetry with SAP system is the winner of SAP Techniversity

Project that gathers Stara Telemetry with SAP system is the winner of SAP Techniversity

On August 27, were presented the 4 prototypes of the innovation olympiad, SAP Techniversity, the biggest event of technology from the SAP aimed to college students, which will be performed in the SAP Labs Latin America, in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul. The solutions have as base the platform SAP HANA and were focused in the departments of retail, agribusiness, security and logistics. The projects were presented in a jury and to the public that, in the end, elected the project that gathers Stara Telemetry and the information management system from SAP. The idea of this project started in the Agrishow 2015, during the release of the Stara Telemetry. “Some farmers when knew the Stara Telemetry commented with us that it was a technology that comply with the needs of the farmers in the field, in terms of information, besides they already having management system in their farms.  This lighted up a warning light, of opportunities, and we thought “why not?” and so we ran after this idea”, said Cristiano Buss, Director of Research and Development of Stara. From this, Stara contacted the SAP and the idea started to transform itself in a project.

The prototype was developed in a collaborative way among SAP employees, students and the Stara team with the objective of addressing problems that the farmers find to control the activities performed in the field, as well the use of resources during these activities. With the data of Telemetry transmitted from the Stara’s Topper 5500 to the Hana Cloud Platform, the prototype developed will offer to the farmer the possibility of  monitoring the operations in real time in any mobile device, which allows that the user constantly revise the planning used, ensuring a more efficient and corrective operation.

This project has potential to be no more a prototype and become a product by being inedited and by the power that the agribusiness have here in Brazil. “This is the first project of telemetry in precision agriculture of ERP in the world to intertwine agricultural machinery. There are no registers that something like that have already be done or even something similar to it. Once again, we have a mark in history, with innovation and pioneering. Affirming once more our motto of Constant Evolution. It raises from a conversation, we found the right partners and we already are managing to do the communication between the systems”, commented Cristiano.


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