Imperador 3.0 is one of the featured products of Stara in the Agrishow

Imperador 3.0 is one of the featured products of Stara in the Agrishow

The innovation from the Imperador and the quality from Hércules now are gathered in a single machine, the Imperador 3.0. The self-propelled, featured of Stara in the Agrishow, gathers a sprayer with central booms and a spreader, able to perform both operations with the same machine on distinct moments.

So much innovation brings to the farmer more efficiency in the jobs in the farm, besides the decreasing of the operational costs. The Imperador 3.0 has MWM engine of 205 hp Turbo and hydro transmission system 4×4, enabling working on terrains with elevation up to 31,7%. The hydraulic pump is LS (Load Sensing), an intelligent system that provides the need flow to the machine, coupled to the engine, it provides more efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption.

To the spraying, the Imperador 3.0 has a tank of 2.400 liters, produced in polyethylene. The Imperador 3.0 has central booms, which ensures stability during the application, even in uneven terrain.

To the spreading, the Imperador 3.0 has tank in stainless steel with capacity up to 3 ton, with double slide gates and rubber conveyor belt with self-centered of the transportation belt for higher precision during the application.

The Imperador 3.0 is equipped with the controller Topper 5500 and the Telemetria Stara (telemetry), with technology 100% Brazilian.

Enjoy the Agrishow and meet our new featured machine.