Great emotions mark event in Stara

Great emotions mark event in Stara

Women have always played an important role in family decisions and increasingly conquer their space. This is no different in agriculture, where often they are the ones that define the investments to be made in the farm.

Valuing the strength of woman farmer, Stara held the first visit to the factory with the presence of couples and representatives of the dealership Marangatu who came from many cities of Paraguay on March 22nd.

Stara prepared a very special program to this day. The guests were welcomed by the CEO of Stara, Gilson Trennepohl, who talked about the joy of receiving in the company not only men, but women and families as well. Then, Cíntia Dal Vesco – Marketing Manager – told the history of the company.

The couples visited the factory at Stara, where they knew the process of production of the machines they use in their farms.

After lunch, the guests participated in a machines presentation. The couples were separated and they had different activities. Men went to the arena where they participated in test drives with the Stara’s machines and then they had a lecture on Precision Farming, with the consultant Rafael Magni. Women participated in a very special moment. They went to a lecture about the strength of the woman with the guest Mara Lauxen. During the lecture, they could see that women always played an important role in history, through examples of women who used their personal strength to overcome difficulties, bringing it to the daily life of each. In addition, they participated in dynamics in order to rescue the inner strength of each and received beauty tips and behavior.

It was an unique moment when they got together again. With roses in hand, men waited for the women who returned renewed and radiant. The emotion took the participants and it was possible to see the love glance that couples exchanged.

The couple Doacir and Clair Bianchet liked the idea of being able to participate together of the Stara’s event. “The company of my wife that day was very good, it was special. We came to Stara to seek new technologies and having who assists in the decisions of the property next door is very important”, said Doacir. Clair felt valued. “It was a very nice day here in Stara. The attitude of Stara inviting women was wonderful, we felt valued as wives and farmer as well,” she says.

The couple Nelson and Denise Buaski from Katuete said that the decisions at the farm are taken together. “Stara innovated by holding an event with the wives’ presence. In our farm, decisions are always taken together, with the participation of the whole family. It was a different day and we were happy for being invited by Stara”, said Elson. “It was a different day where we got to know many new features. The talk we had was very good and exciting. I always participate in making decisions and it was the first time I came with my husband in such an event,” concludes Denise.

The party started with the sound of Stara’s band and the couples changed the factory visit onto a party. In the middle of the party a marriage proposal happened. Rodolfo Rodrigues took advantage of the climate of love and asked his girlfriend Franciele Meazza to marry him. The request, on his knees, was followed by an emotional speech of the groom and the couple danced, crowning a memorable day for all couples and the Stara family.