Farmers visited Stara

Farmers visited Stara

On June 30, Stara opened its doors to welcomed friends and clients. Around 110 farmers from Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Tocatins, São Paulo and Pará, in Brazil, and from Uruguay were welcomed in the company, where they could know about the history, structure and products line.

By the morning, the visitors were welcomed in the subsidiary in Carazinho city, where they could know the processes performed in there. Next, they were welcomed in the headoffice of the company by the marketing manager, Cíntia Dal Vesco, who showed the history of Stara. Following the activities, a lecture about precision farming was presented, highlighting the results obtained in the projects in which Stara participates as MAS (Stara Advanced  Management), Clube da Irrigação (Irrigation Club) and Projeto Aquarius (Aquarius Project).

After lunch, the guests went to a visit to the industrial park, meeting the productive processes of the agricultural machinery Stara. Soon after the visit to the factory, the farmers participate of a machine demonstration, where they could as questions about the machines and perform a test drive, featuring the releases of the 2016 line, corn header Brava +, Planter Princesa, featuring the self-propelled Hércules 6.0 and the Imperador 3.0, unique agricultural machinery with dual functions: sprayer and spreader.

“We are proud, here in Stara, for receiving farmers in our company and could do this exchange of information with you all” says Átila Stapelbroek Trennepohl, commenting about the importance of the experiences of the farmers for the company.

The farmer Josy Del Matsuzaki, from Paragominas, Pará, was stuned with the magnitude of the company and by the reception that she had during the visit. “The way as we were welcomed in the company is very good. We could notice that Stara worries about with what puts in the market and with its clients. We left Stara feeling that we are part of this family, congratulations to everybody”, says. The farmer Emerson Hernandes, from Engenheiro Beltrão, in Paraná, said that will take the knowledge obtained in the company to its lands. “I leave from this visit renewed, I am surprised with the reception we had. Surely, we take with us what we learn in Stara. Congratulations to everybody”, says the farmer.

The night was reserved for the fun and fraternization by the songs from the Band Stara, responsible for the animation of the people.