“Stara in Action” is a project that highlights the importance of the pneumatic spreader system for a more productive soil

Stara is present in the farmer’s daily tasks, and the company is now launching another great project to help the farmers when it comes to having excellent results from their crops. The goal is to emphasize the importance of cover crops for soil conservation.
For this reason, Stara started on July 10th the program “Stara in Action: Ponte Verde for a more productive soil”. Ponte Verde is the pneumatic spreader system’s name, and it means Green Bridge in Portuguese, on a reference to the cover crops planting. The first location to receive the program was Medianeira, in Parana state, Brazil.
“Stara in Action” program presents to farmers the results of using the Ponte Verde system on the cover crops pneumatic seeding. It is a Stara’s exclusive system, and it is available for the machine Imperador 3.0.
The program also promotes the subject of soil conservation. The professors Paulo Alba, M.S. in Agricultural Engineer by UFSM, and Antônio Luis Santi, Ph.D. in Soil Science by UFSM are the invited speakers.
“I am sure that Stara’s innovation marks a new era for agriculture,” says Santi, who delivered a speech in Carazinho, state of Rio Grande do Sul, on July 11th.
The farmer Gilberto Danieli also likes the project and commented “The Ponte Verde system is quite attractive, and the provided lecture is very interesting”.

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