Stara participates in the Expoagro in San Nicolás, Argentina

From March 12th to 15th, Stara takes part in the Expoagro, the most important open-air agroindustrial exhibition in the Buenos Aires province, Argentina. At the fair, Stara presents its line of agricultural machinery, highlighting the self-propelled Imperador 3.0 and Hercules 6.0.
The Imperador 3.0 is a self-propelled that gathers three functioning. It is a sprayer with central booms, a spreader, and a pneumatic seeder. All three operation can be done with the same machine on different moments. Such innovation brings to the producer greater efficiency in the work of his crop, besides the operational costs’ reduction.
The Hércules 6.0 is a self-propelled spreader with a bold and innovative design. Equipped with a 220 hp Turbo MWM electronic engine, its load capacity is up to 6,000 kg and 36-meter-distribution width, which guarantees excellent performance in the field.
To meet the producers who visit the fair, Stara counts on its factory staff and dealers located in Argentina.

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