Imperador 3.0 – It is a sprayer, a spreader and a pneumatic seeder

The Expodireto visitors can check out the innovations of the Imperador 3.0, the only 3-in-1self-propelled machine in the world. The Imperador 3.0 is a sprayer with central booms, a spreader, and a pneumatic seeder. All the three functioning can be done with the same machine on different moments. Such innovation brings to the producer greater efficiency in the work of his crop, besides the operational costs’ reduction.
The Imperador 3.0 allows the application of fertilizers and pesticides in installments, all with the same application path trail, guaranteeing more agility, speed, and efficiency during applications. Another point is that high yields begin with the active covering culture. To make covering sowing more effective, Imperador 3.0 features a pneumatic system that provides light seeds sowing throughout the length of the booms. It ensures better uniform coverage, using the same spray path trail, reducing operating time, crop damage losses and fuel consumption.
For spraying, it has a 2,400-liter chemical solution tank, produced in polyethylene. It has central booms, which ensures stability during the application, even in rough terrain. For distribution, it has a stainless-steel hopper with 3-ton capacity. It has dual seed gate and rubber conveyor including a self-centering device on the transporting band for precision application. The same stainless-steel hopper can be used for light seeds.
The Imperador 3.0 has the Elevating System (optional) that allows the machine to increase its clearance space by 40 cm, going from 1.43 m to 1.83 m in height, allowing late applications of fertilizers and improving sanity and increasing crop productivity.
The Expodireto Cotrijal happens between March 11th to 15th and takes place in Não-Me-Toque, Rio Grande do Sul, where is located the Stara headquarters.

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