Stara holds the 1st Dealers Managers Meeting

On February 25th Stara brought together the commercial area’s managers of their dealerships and resellers for the 1st Dealers Managers Meeting.
Managers were welcomed by Stara’s CEO, Gilson Trennepohl, who spoke about the company’s trajectory and the importance of consolidating the dealers and resellers network to support the brand expansion. Then the commercial director, Márcio Fülber, presented the 2018 Stara activities balance, and the 2019 company goals. The visit to the factory park finished the morning’s activities. In the early afternoon, visitors joined a machine dynamics, highlighting for the Absoluta planter, the selfpropeled Imperador 3.0, and the releases Imperador 3000 and 4000 sprayers and Guapa Supra planter.
The consultant, Clóvis Lumertz, told about the importance of management and differentiation for the dealers’ success. The Positivar program and the Stara Consortium were the topics that ended the afternoon activities.
“The 1st Managers Meeting came to add a lot to our work at the dealership. It helps with the knowledge exchange, and it is essential to have a moment to rethink our attitudes on the daily working routine. We are restructuring the commercial dealer team, and we leave this event with valuable information that we will put into practice”, says Daniel Graia, from Betiato dealer, Campo Verde, Mato Grosso.
Unified information was one of the event objectives. “Improve communication between us is our target, our factory, and our dealerships and resales, which is so crucial for the work development. Stara is going through a growth process, leveraged by the last years’ launches, and the concern with the excellent and standard service to our customers , sales service, after sales, spare parts, and services is very significant, so the sales managers have a crucial role in this process. The more innovative a company, the higher the service relevance. In this sense to create strategies to disseminate Stara’s information, the innovations that the company has taken to the field and especially the benefits that our machines and technologies lead to the producers”, says Márcio Fülber, commercial director of Stara.
The exchange of information and experiences among the participants assists in the development of dealers strategies, improving customer service and the results obtained. “I work in a family business like Stara, and I am in the succession line, taking on business management. That is why it was very important to participate in this meeting and realize that the experiences that we have had until today by themselves will not guarantee our success in the future, we need to adopt a new posture, always innovating and seeking knowledge. The exchange of information with the managers of other dealers provides growth since many of their actions can be taken to our reality, improving our results”, says Marcelo Pavanelli, from the Terra Máquinas Dealer, Primavera do Leste, Mato Grosso. For Dino Cézar Meinerz, from the Implesul dealer in Cascavel, Paraná, the teamwork development is fundamental for good results. “I always say that it’s the people who make the difference, when we can align strategies and knowledge with our team, we can do even more. We always seek to improve and the tools presented today comes to add on our daily routine. I always highlight the host of Stara team, the humbleness of everyone and how much it is essential for our growth, “said Dino.
“The event was very positive, the goals were achieved and we align the knowledge among the participants, our network is strengthened from this exchange moment,” concludes the commercial director.
During the night the managers joined a fraternization party, with the Stara team, reinforcing the need to carry the work between factories and representatives.

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