Stara launches seeder for winter crops at Coopavel Rural Show

In June 2018 Stara presented to the market the Guapa line, seeders for rice cultivation. Now Stara presents Guapa Supra Wheat, suitable for winter crops such as wheat, barley, and oats.
The Guapa Supra are available on 44 and 60-row units, with 17-centimeter spacing. The Guapa Supra is articulated and has two chassis modules. One of the significant advantages of the Guapa Supra is the configurable central hopper, where the producer can choose whether to only planting or planting with fertilizers, with a simple and quick exchange.
The Guapa Supra has the highest seed capacity on the market. The central seed hopper has a capacity of 1,200 kg of seeds and 3,000 kg of fertilizer. By inverting the hopper division cover, it is possible to use the seed-only hopper, with a capacity of up to 3,000 kg of seeds. With an exclusive seed metering system, the Guapa Supra provides great seeding efficiency, having a maximum variation of 5% (the difference refers to the rotor metering).
The Guapa Supra is divided into two modules. The planting row units have 658 mm articulation, with high capacity of ground mirroring, even in extreme terrain conditions. It features a 15.5″x15″ regular double disc furrower, as well as an easy-to-change depth limiter coupled to the double-disc hub, ensuring the best straw stream.
The Guapa Supra has an innovative transport system, commanded by the Topper 5500, and with it, the Guapa Supra is 3.35m wide on the wheel and 3.91m high, making it easy to pass through roads or narrow bridges.
The seeder has instantaneous regulation of the seeds rate and fertilizers to carry out planting at variable rates. This is possible because it comes from the factory with the Topper 5500, the complete controller for Precision Agriculture, as well as Stara Telemetry, which makes it possible to monitor real-time farming operations through a device with internet access.

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